ASA Association — Architecture — Work carried out in 2008

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General characteristics

Web design that is linked to the world of architecture, urbanism and sustainability (Work carried out in 2008)

The ASA Association is established throughout the Spanish territory. It is composed of architects committed to sustainability and the environment.


Asociación ASA


The ASA Association website is made with WordPress, with the site being the following notable objects:

Contact form

Editing standard content

Responsive design

Monitoring in Analytics, SEO tools, and SMTP form management.

In addition to intranet use partners, with the aim of boosting the activities of this ASA Association. A very important aspect of this web design is the use of multiple graphic elements, characteristic of the architectural profession, which aim to stimulate the curiosity of the web visitor. In addition to being a dynamic element of the set of activities, seminars, congresses, meetings and all kinds of meetings organized in the heat of this entity of the architectural profession.

Despite the time elapsed, the ASA Association website used one of the most trusted CMS in the world. We mean Wordpress. A content CMS that was born to be a Weblog editor and is currently the most used to configure social networks, ecommerce stores and tourist hosting websites

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The ASA Association is an example of niche content professional network, as a “speaker” mode.

Enrique Castro-web desarrollador

Henry Castro